Discover the most beautiful villages in Portugal

Take an unforgettable journey through more unknown roads and discover the villages of Portugal that are worth your visit. There are many which we could recommend, but today we are only going to suggest a few that are worth your visit.

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Villages of Portugal: the experience of rurality


North of Portugal


Pitões das Júnias

Pitões das Júnias is located in a rural setting in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. There, you will be able to enjoy the village with the landscape of the Barroso mountains, in Montalegre, which provide an incredible landscape to this village, which is proud of its traditions and identity.



About 30 minutes from Porto, you will find one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal. The village of Quintandona, in the municipality of Penafiel, is very well preserved and still lives up to its traditions today. Lose yourself in its streets and enjoy the surrounding countryside.



Almost on the border of the Douro Vinhateiro, Penodono is a fascinating village with an incredible cultural wealth of the megalithic, Jewish and medieval eras. Its ex-libris is the 10th century castle, unique in Portugal for its triangular shape. It definitely deserves your visit.

Central Portugal  



The best-known schist village in Serra da Lousã, being one of the best preserved and with the most interesting details. Stroll through the streets of Talasnal and take a trip back in time. Discover one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal and see for yourself!

Panoramic view above Talasnal

Azenhas do Mar

he village of Azenhas do Mar is literally embedded in the cliffs of the Portuguese coast, in Sintra. In addition to its landscapes, you can wander through its streets and exhibitions such as houses decorated with tiles and visit the watermill, which gives the village its name.

Panoramic view above Azenhas do Mar

Mata Pequena

A small rural village just 40 minutes from Lisbon. In Mata Pequena you breathe pure and communion with nature is a constant. There you can go hiking, horseback riding and visit the Mourão waterfalls, just 7 kilometers from the village. The ideal long city weekend destination.

South of Portugal



The castle and the views over the Grande Lago do Alqueva are the attractions of this village in Portugal. And the icing on the cake? Watch the sunset on the river beach, located on a small island. The perfect afternoon for summer days.



One of the most typical villages, located in the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina. Lose yourself in its narrow streets and typical houses, mingle with the locals in the small square of the village and visit Praia da Bordeira. At sunset, go up to the place where there was once a castle and be enchanted by the sunset in the rural landscapes of the Algarve coast.



Lively, traditional and friendly, Querença is one of the villages in Portugal where you can be the most in peace. It is located in Loulé, one of the most sought after destinations by tourists in the Algarve. In terms of cultural heritage, its Church stands out. However, its greatest heritage is natural: Fonte Benémola is one of the few water sources in the Algarve that can be used all year round. A true oasis in the Algarve's dry summer.

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