Discover Serra da Estrela’s Ski Resort

Tourism in Portugal is usually associated with warm weather and beaches. And although this is true, the tourism landscape changes during the winter. Visitors flee from the beaches to the mountains and look for cold and snow as their main destination.

One of the most sought-after places in winter by tourists, national and international, is the highest point in mainland Portugal: Serra da Estrela. This mountain complex presents us, in the colder months, with breathtaking natural landscapes covered with a white blanket and many forms of fun in the snow, which can be practiced in the Serra da Estrela Ski Resort, the only one that exists in Portugal.

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Serra da estrela

Serra da Estrela Ski Resort: leisure time at an altitude of 2000 meters


The Serra da Estrela ski resort is located near the Tower, which is precisely the highest point in mainland Portugal, located in the Municipality of Seia.

Its main season of activity is between December and April, that is, in the coldest months, to take advantage of snowy days. However, the resort is also assisted by snow cannons, which help to produce snow to support skiing and snowboarding, the two main activities of the resort.

The Serra da Estrela ski resort has 9 slopes, a total of almost 8 kilometers, suitable for different levels of experience, from the most amateurs to professional sportsmen. To be able to practice sports, you don't need to bring your own equipment: you can rent it at the resort!

To be able to enjoy the resort, you must buy your entry ticket online, through the official website of the Serra da Estrela ski resort. Prices will vary depending on the number of days you will be staying and the need for ski lessons, which can also be taken at the resort.

Serra da Estrela com neve

Where to stay?


At the resort, you will not find accommodation. However, just 20 kilometers away, the city of Covilhã is ready to welcome you with a range of hotels and inns, so you can explore Serra da Estrela for as long as you like. You can also stay in Penhas da Saúde, a region that also has some accommodations, being just 10 minutes from the Serra da Estrela ski resort.


What to eat in the region?

For lovers of good Portuguese cuisine, Serra da Estrela does not disappoint. Try the region's famous cheese, goat and lamb dishes, “enchidos” such as “chouriço”, “salpicão” and “presunto”, and even some typical products such as honey, chestnuts, cornbread, olive oil and, to accompany all this, a wine typical of the border area.


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