Travel in Portugal


Places to visit in Portugal

Travelling in Portugal is opening a door to new treasures. Discover our tips about places and cities to visit in Portugal and enjoy the country.

Winter Destination: where to spend New Year's Eve

New year's Eve is one of the moments that people most try to celebrate outside their homes, starting the New Year either in the streets of their localities or in other destinations in the country.

Óbidos: what to visit with the Enterprise

Hidden in the centre of Portugal is a treasure that dates to a medieval period and makes us travel back in time.

What to do in Porto in 2 days: the route to discover

Follow our advice on what to do in Porto in two days. One thing we can guarantee: you will feel like coming back. 

5 tips for a low-cost trip in Portugal

There are more and more tips to continue travelling, but without spending too much: they are called a low-cost trip and Portugal is the perfect destination for them.  

Discover and explore the best beaches in Portugal

Want to explore the best beaches in Portugal? Read this article. 

Road Trips in Portugal: plan your trip by car

How many times have you thought of renting a car and setting off to discover our country?

Where to spend holidays in Portugal 

Portugal offers you the possibility of short or long-term adventures, diverse landscapes, mountain, snow, or sea. 

Discover the most beautiful villages in Portugal

Take an unforgettable journey through more unknown roads and discover the villages of Portugal that are worth your visit. 

Discover Serra da Estrela's Ski Resort

One of the most sought-after places in winter by tourists, national and international, is the highest point in mainland Portugal: Serra da Estrela. 

Visit a Christmas Market in Portugal this Season!

At one of the most special seasons, there is a tradition that we continue to see (and adore) year after year: the Christmas markets!