Castles of Portugal that you really can't miss

Portugal was founded in 1143, by the Treaty of Zamora, and even today, 880 years later, there are countless memories that remain to tell the story of our country. 

And although the territory is relatively small when compared to other countries on the European continent, the truth is that there are between 400 and 500 castles and fortifications that can still be found throughout the country. Come on this journey with Enterprise and discover some of the most beautiful castles of Portugal.

Lisboa Castle

A journey through the most beautiful castles of Portugal

Until the current Portuguese territory was defined, many battles were fought to reach what we consider to be Portugal today. Between various fortifications in privileged locations, the small conquests of the battlefields were defended as best they could, and so we arrive at the heritage that enriches us so much today: the Castles of Portugal.

Almourol Castle

Located on a small island in the middle of the Tagus River, Almourol Castle takes us back to the time of the Knights Templar. It is located very close to places like Abrantes, Constância or Vila Nova da Barquinha. 

It represents one of the symbols of the Christian reconquest of the Moors and has been considered a National Monument since 1910. To get to what is considered one of the most beautiful Castles of Portugal, you will have to cross it by boat, and during the summer periods a small peninsula often forms.


Óbidos Castle

Óbidos is among our favourite places for a national road trip and there is no shortage of things to visit in this area. So, it is not surprising that it is also in our choices for the most beautiful Castles in Portugal.

King D. Sancho I played a fundamental role in the importance of this village, as for 500 years it was part of the dowries offered to the Portuguese queen consorts. It currently hosts the FOLIO - Literary Festival, as well as one of the most renowned medieval fairs.


Guimarães Castle

The Cidade Berço could not be left out of the list of the most beautiful castles of Portugal, since it is the birthplace of our first king, D. Afonso Henriques, but also because it is in a city that exudes history everywhere. Take the opportunity to find the mythical old defensive wall where the words "Aqui nasceu Portugal" (Portugal was born here) can be read.

Near the castle of Guimarães you will find a beautiful garden, which will guide you to the Paço dos Duques de Bragança and, going down the street, you will find the unmistakable historical centre of the city, with its narrow streets and squares which nowadays host numerous tourist spots.


Santa Maria da Feira Castle

Coming from medieval times, which makes it one of the favourite destinations to host the famous Medieval Fairs that have taken place in various parts of the country, this is one of Portugal's most outstanding Castles.

With an architecture quite distinct from the others, the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is of military character, having played an important role in the independence of Portugal.


Tomar Castle

The city of the Knights Templar is home to one of the most imposing castles of Portugal. Together with the Convent of Christ, it attracts thousands of people to Tomar, which has led to it being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

It has already served as the setting for several films, but it is the stories about the Order of the Knights Templar that attract the most fans around the world. Just like Almourol Castle, it is part of the defensive line of the Tagus River.


Monsaraz Castle

There are several castles in Portugal that are in the Alentejo region. However, the Castle of Monsaraz is possibly one of the most beautiful, much due to its privileged location. It is in the village of the same name, Monsaraz, and protected us from Castile. Today it has a panoramic view over the Alqueva dam. 


historical village of Monsaraz, in Alentejo

Lisbon Castle

The capital could not be left out of the list of the most beautiful castles of Portugal. This is because São Jorge Castle is a real surprise for everyone who visits Lisbon.

It offers one of the best views of the city and was conquered by Afonso Henriques in 1147 from the Moors. All the Portuguese kings between the 14th and 16th century were proclaimed here.


Lisbon Castle

Visit the castles of Portugal with Enterprise

Now that you already know some of the most beautiful Castles in Portugal, nothing like hitting the road and discovering them on a real family or friend’s holiday. Car rental in Portugal is with Enterprise. The adventure of times past awaits you.

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