Discover the best beaches in Portugal

With half of its territory surrounded by sea, Portugal is the perfect destination for those who are looking for beach, sun and mild temperatures most of the year. The undeniable beauty of our coast has brought us many awards from international entities, who consider our beaches some of the most beautiful in the world. However, the great amount of vast extensions of sand in Portuguese territory makes it even more difficult to choose the best beaches in Portugal.

From North to South, hop on this journey with us and discover the best beaches in Portugal to visit.

Moledo Beach

Portugal Beaches: Discover the Best Ones!


1.     Moledo beach – Caminha


Moledo beach is considered by many as the best beach in the North region of Portugal. Besides its cold waters, even in the summer, it is admired by its natural landscapes and therapeutic properties, thanks to the strong presence of iodine.
The water in Moledo is perfect for some sports, like windsurf, surf and bodyboard.

2.     Nazaré beach – Leiria

Located in the picturesque village of Nazaré, in Leiria, this is a fan favourite for many Portuguese and foreign tourists during the summer. The well-known cliff serves as a background for this beach and the smell of grilled fish mixes with the salt air of the sea.

For the surf lovers, the North Beach, located in the superior part of the village, houses some of the biggest waves in the world. To visit this beach, you can use the mytic elevator and enjoy the view on the way up. However, if you are travelling with a car rental the trip to the beach is even shorter, lasting only a few minutes.

3.     Baleal beach – Peniche


Baleal beach, in Peniche, stretches over a 4km distance along the peninsula. When the tide is low, small lagoons with rocks are formed, creating an amazing landscape. 2km from the beach is also possible to visit some caves and cliffs. Baleal beach is only an hour away from Lisbon, so it is possible to rent a car and make a visit for a day, if you live in the capital.

4.     Galapinhos beach – Setúbal

Surrounded by Serra da Arrábida, Galapinhos beach is a true paradise on earth. The sea hues an intense shade of blue and the sand is formed by very fine gold and white pieces. The waters at Galapinhos beach are crystal clear, allowing you to see the bottom of the ocean. It’s considered by many as one of the best scuba diving places in Portugal.

5.     Almograve beach – Odemira

It is considered one of the most beatiful beachs on the coast of Alentejo, and for sure one of the best beaches in Portugal. It’s divided in two parts: of the the beaches is surrounded by cliffs and the other one by dunes. Even though this beach is located at the bottome of a cloff, its accesses are very good, with 3 large staircases leading right to it.

6.     Marinha beach – Lagoa

This beach, besides being considered one of the best beaches in Portugal, it’s also considered to be one of the most beatiful in world. The rocky formations that surround the beach give it a unique natural beauty. A must for whoever visits the Algarve area.


How to visit the best beaches in Portugal


Portugal is the perfect country for a roadtrip to all the best beaches. Due to the size of the country, you will be able to explore a lot of places in just a few days, and a car rental will help with that task! Discover all Enterprise stations in Portugal and start planning your visit to the best beaches in Portugal.