Are you going to visit Óbidos? Discover what you can't miss!

Hidden in central Portugal is a treasure that dates to medieval times and makes us travel back in time. We are talking about Óbidos, a picturesque town, surrounded by walls, that every year attracts thousands of visitors, looking to discover a little more about Portugal's past, while enjoying the surrounding landscapes of this rich region. If you are going to visit Óbidos, read our article and discover everything you cannot miss!

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When is the best time to visit Óbidos?


Any time of year is good to visit Óbidos, as each season highlights different parts of the beauty of this town. However, there are three occasions that stand out, with three very special events.


Óbidos Christmas Village (November to January)

Visiting Óbidos during Christmas means being transported to the North Pole in just a few minutes. The village is completely transformed to receive children and adults and transmit the magic of the most anticipated time of year.


International Chocolate Festival (April)

A festival for those with a sweet tooth, entirely dedicated to chocolate. In addition to being able to taste the delicacies, you can also enjoy various creations made from this sweet, that pleases (almost) everyone.


Óbidos Medieval Market (July to August)

A journey through time, full of dances, typical snacks and historical reenactments, which tell us a little about what Portugal was like in the past.


What to visit in Obidos


Porta da Vila

This is the entrance to Óbidos, where you can find a mural with typical tiles and a chapel in honor of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, patron saint of the village. Here you can climb the walls or wait and walk until the other end of the village to make the opposite route.


Rua Direita

The main circulation route in Óbidos, where you can find all the restaurants and craft shops to take home some souvenirs. Oh, and don’t forget to try the famous Ginginha on a chocolate cup!



Inside the village you can find some churches that are worth visiting. They are the Misericórdia Church, the Santa Maria Church, the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Chapel, the São Martinho Chapel and the Senhor da Pedra Sanctuary.


Óbidos Castle

Almost at the end of the village, you will find the Óbidos Castle, a Roman construction dating from the 1st century. This building was once under the domain of the Roman Legions, Visigoths and, finally, the Muslims.

Nowadays, the castle is open for visitors and also serves as a hotel, should you wish to stay within the walls.


Walls of Óbidos

You can access the walls at the beginning or end of your route, at Porta da Vila or at the Castle. The walls surround the village, and you can walk all around them, seeing the village from above and the panoramic views around it.


What to do outside the walls


Óbidos Lagoon

If you visit Óbidos during the summer, you can take the opportunity to visit the Lagoon and do some water sports, such as canoeing, windsurfing, rowing, and kiteboarding. You can also take a walk along the banks of the lagoon or even visit Foz do Arelho, which is on the opposite bank of Óbidos.


Visiting Obidos with a car rental? Only with Enterprise, of course


Renting a car is the easiest way to visit Óbidos and not just restrict yourself to what is within the walls. Visit the village, and when you finish your tour, take your car and go to the lagoon or Foz do Arelho in an easy and fast way. How? With an Enterprise car rental, of course!

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