Schist villages

When you think of Portugal, you think of tradition, of mountains that you lose sight of and the water that comes out of springs. In the schist villages of Portugal, you can experience the best of nature, where the people who welcome you so well stand out.

Explore the diversity of eight schist villages, located in four different regions, behind the wheel of the Enterprise

Schist villages

Portugal's most beautiful schist villages 





From the oven to the vegetable garden, from chickens to goats.  The village of Figueira is truly rural. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of the streets, but the aroma of freshly baked bread leads you to what really matters: the community oven. The surrounding area is dotted with the olive trees that were once the wealth of the village.  


An unmissable destination is the Atelier da Aldeia. Here you'll have the chance to try out various activities, but we couldn't fail to highlight the most important: making bread. This is one of the most important traditions of this schist village.  

Água Formosa  

When you arrive at the village of Água Formosa, you're greeted by the quiet and the sound of water between the stones of the stream beds. Hidden between the Ribeira da Corga and the Ribeira da Galega, you'll find beautiful traditions in this village.  


The vestiges of customs linked to the use of water, as well as the fountain of beautiful water, justify the village's name. Here, where friendliness captivates and relaxation speaks louder, there is always time for more. Try the footbridge that crosses the stream and enjoy the village from another perspective.  





In the village of Barroca, the rural charm has never been lost. Surrounded by a pine forest, this schist village invites you to explore every street and corner. On the path that leads down to the Zêzere, you'll glimpse mills that once worked with the power of the river and a landscape that calls for a moment's pause. When you cross the footbridge, you can get a little closer to the village's ancestors, through the rock engravings carved into the rocks thousands of years ago. It is in Barroca, more precisely in Casa Grande, that the Schist Villages Development Center is currently located. 


Janeiro de Cima  

In the village of Janeiro de Cima, you walk leisurely to enjoy each street and schist façade. Located on the left bank of the Zêzere, this schist village is surrounded by an extensive blanket of farmland.  


It's here that you'll find the secrets that make you relive traditions and travel back in time. "Ó da barca" transports us back in time. To cross the river, this was the phrase that had to be shouted. To get to know the town even better, the best option is to hire a car. That way, you can explore at your own pace. 


Serra do Açor



With plenty to see and do, start by learning more about the village's history at the Monsignor's Museum. The next destinations range from the typical community oven to the public washhouse and the old elementary school. The truth is that the surrounding nature is the main protagonist of this schist village in Portugal. From there, you can almost see the source of the River Ceira. Renovated in 2003, it included not only public spaces but also private buildings. Fajão has thus gained a more picturesque atmosphere. 


Sobral de São Miguel  

Considered by its inhabitants to be the "Heart of Schist", Sobral de São Miguel is one of the largest clusters of schist buildings in Portugal. However, many of the buildings are painted white.  


Rich in art and culture, what will please you even more is the rich gastronomy. From sour cherry to chorizo, including the famous honey and wood-fired bread, there is plenty to enjoy. Sobral de São Miguel also offers the best walks, whether through the streets of the village or along the Ribeira do Porsim.  


Serra da Lousã  



This is one of the most beautiful schist villages in Portugal and also the one that gives the most visibility to the group of villages in Lousã. The layout of the houses, the details of their restoration and the decorations with vine branches leave no one indifferent.  


There, the atmosphere of discovery is favored by the streets and alleys that, just around the corner, bring a new charm. Immerse yourself in the Serra da Lousã and discover wild boar, roe deer and deer in the wild. And it's also here that you can enjoy a peaceful stay or indulge in active sports.  



Its privileged location next to the national road makes it one of the most visited schist villages in Portugal. Nestled in the Serra da Lousã, the village of Candal is a haven for those going up or down the mountain. Here, everything pays off. If you climb up the sloping streets to the viewpoint, the effort is fully rewarded by the beautiful view over the valley, through which the Ribeira do Candal meanders.  


Xisto villages

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