Winter Destination: where to spend New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of the moments that people most try to celebrate outside their homes, starting the New Year either in the streets of their localities or in other destinations in the country. Discover with us the best destinations where to spend New Year's Eve


Anyway, it is a date that pulls for the festivities with family or friends and there are many cities that already offer complete entertainment programs for all tastes.

fireworks New Year’s Eve Alfama

Where to spend the New Year in Portugal


Add to your plans for a low-cost trip in Portugal, a destination where to spend the New Year's Eve in Portugal. There are several free options that the various Portuguese cities offer you. 

Madeira Island


We start by one of the best-known destinations where to spend the New Year's Eve. The pearl of the Atlantic still gains, currently, national, and international prominence. The Christmas decorations still decorating the city of Funchal, prepared it for the thousands of people who come here to celebrate the New Year's Eve.  

The fireworks show is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and over several minutes you can watch a unique spectacle, either from land or even aboard the various boats that take to the sea on this day.

Fireworks Madeira Island.

Serra do Gerês


From the bustle of Madeira Island to the tranquillity of the Serra do Gerês. There are several cottages prepared to face the rigid winter in the north of the country, for all those who prefer a place where they can spend the New Year’s Eve without any great confusion.


Renting a house in the middle of the mountains, with a good fireplace, amongst friends and family, with various regional delicacies on the table, seems very tempting, don't you think? Besides, for the more adventurous, you can always take advantage of the various trails in the mountains to start the new year in the best way. As a last resort, you can always go to Braga and enjoy everything that one of the biggest cities in the country has to offer.





The old part of the city, right next to the Tagus River, receives the longest night of the year with several free events for those who want to enjoy an unforgettable party. There are several concerts in Praça do Comércio, with well-known national artists, where later you can watch the fireworks.


Apart from the thousands of people who come to Terreiro do Paço to watch the various concerts that take place there over several days, Lisbon is referred to as one of the best cities in which to spend New Year's Eve because it has several places that serve as incredible viewpoints for the fireworks show. It also has the Parque das Nações as an option, which also receives several fireworks shows, without forgetting the event of the Lisbon casino.




Belem tower fireworks



The city of students is one of the best places where to spend New Year's Eve. Until the arrival of the New Year, there are many free concerts in the streets of the city, but the most awaited moment is the fireworks show.

At 00:00, the city receives a firework display of several minutes, over the Mondego River. But nothing like climbing to the top of the city and looking for the best viewpoint over the river! While you are here, there is nothing like choosing Coimbra as your starting point for a road trip around Portugal. Follow our tips.



Porto could not be left out of our choices of where to spend New Year's Eve. This is because the city has long conquered the Portuguese with a truly unmissable programme of festivities.

The Douro River is the main stage for a unique pyrotechnic show, in a partnership between Vila Nova de Gaia and the city of Porto. The river is occupied by several boats, from where it is possible to watch the show, or if you prefer the safety of the riverbanks, you may do so. 

However, it is on Avenida dos Aliados where the party really takes place. There are various free concerts, and it is also here that part of the fireworks show takes place. In addition, you will find several exquisite dinners in Porto's main hotels, if you prefer a different plan.

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Where to spend New Year's Eve with Enterprise

Now that you already know the main destinations where to spend New Year's Eve, Enterprise challenges you to discover our country and explore this wonderful destination. Choose your route and on the way, we will always be there to guide you. 

You can rent a car in several points of the country and go on an adventure. Use cities like Porto, Lisbon, Aveiro or Viseu as a starting point for your trip. We promise you will have the best New Year's Eve on our account! Going abroad? Find out the best car rental in portugal.

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