Porto Sightseeing: a two-day itinerary

For anyone visiting the North of Portugal, the city of Porto is mandatory. The so-called “Invicta” has centuries of history and the people walking its streets have an unparalleled hospitality, leaving anyone who visits it surrendered to its charms.

So that you don’t miss the most emblematic places on your trip to the capital of the North, we have prepared for you a two-day itinerary for your Porto sightseeing, with all the monuments and places that deserve a visit. One thing we can guarantee: you will leave just wanting to return.

When is the best time to visit Porto?

When it comes to the weather conditions, the ideal time to visit Porto is usually between April and June. Temperatures are milder without much risk of rain and bad weather. However, if you are looking for the best party time to visit Porto, this will be during São João, on the 23-24 of June. São João is the greatest celebration of the year at the Invicta, with a lot of music, a lot of drinking, a great firework display and, of course, the famous São João “hammers”.

Women travelling in Porto

Itinerary: a two-day adventura of Porto sightseeing

Day 1


Bolhão Market


The Bolhão Market is one of the places that best embodies the soul of Porto. Not for the fruits and vegetables that are sold there, but for their sellers. Many of them are born and raised in Porto, so don’t be surprised if you hear someone "shout" the promotions of the day or try to lure you to its stand with conversation. Just let yourself be involved in the environment and enjoy the shopping experience. The building is currently under renovations, but you can visit the temporary market of Bolhão.


Avenida dos Aliados


When spending two days sightseeing in Porto, there will be many times when you will walk through Avenida dos Aliados. However, reserve a part of your day to enjoy this place and the monuments that surround it. Here you can see the City Hall, where the New Year celebrations in the city occur.

Livraria Lello


Often associated with the magical world of Harry Potter, this bookstore has guaranteed its place in any top of the most beautiful bookstores in the world list. Its façade features art noveau designs and inside, the spiral staircases in red rob all the attention when you enter. If you want to visit this bookstore, get ready for the queues. But we guarantee it will be worth it.

Clérigos Tower


This ex-libris of the city of Porto is the most emblematic and probably most visited monument in the city. If you dare to climb to the top, you’ll have an incredible panoramic view, which is certainly worth the effort. Surrounding Clérigos, you can also visit Jardim da Cordoaria and Igreja do Carmo.

São Bento Station


Known for its tile panels illustrating places and historic moments in Portugal, designed by Jorge Rey Colaço, the São Bento Railway Station is one of the most beautiful in the country, and a mandatory stop when you are sightseeing in Porto.

Porto Cathedral


The Porto Cathedral is the most important religious monument in the city, and another must-see for anyone who visits the “Invicta” city. Inside the church you can admire the imposing altar, in Baroque style, and outside you will find Pelourinho do Porto, also built in Baroque architecture.

Day 2




The second day of your two-day itinerary in Porto starts early, in one of the most emblematic cafés in the city. Majestic was the place for many conversations between scholars and artists. Nowadays, it maintains the original architecture and is a pleasant place to have your breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. The café is located on Santa Catarina Street, so you can take the opportunity to do some shopping before continuing your Porto sightseeing.


D. Luís Bridge


The “protagonist” of many photographs from tourists and postcards seen all over the world, the D. Luís Bridge should be part of your itinerary in Porto. Enjoy the view of the Douro River and the tapestry of houses on the banks, forming the famous Porto facade. When crossing the bridge, you will be in Vila Nova de Gaia, where you can visit Serra da Pilar and Jardim do Morro, that provides one of the best views you will have over the city.

Gaia Pier and Ribeira


As you descend from Jardim do Morro, you will be at the Gaia Peer, a tourist place per excellence, with an incredible view of the D. Luís Bridge. Here you can visit some Port wine cellars and try the traditional nectar. When crossing the bridge to the Ribeira area, you will be in Porto again, where you can continue your tour along the Douro bank. Take the opportunity to take a break for lunch or dinner and try the famous Francesinha.

Foz do Douro


And because Porto is not just about monuments and rivers, our suggestion for ending your two-day tour in Porto is the Foz area. This is one of the beach areas in the region, perfect for a stroll along the coast in the late afternoon.