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Tips and ideas to organize road trips in Portugal

If you’re planning one or more road trips in Portugal for the next few months, check out our useful tips and make the most of your trip.

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Porto sightseeing: 2-day itinerary

For anyone visiting the North of Portugal, it is mandatory visiting the city of Porto. The so-called “Invicta” has years of history and people walking its streets have an unparalleled sympathy, leaving anyone who visits it surrendered to its charms.


Itinerary: Visit Braga in 2 days

Region of strong religious traditions, Braga ends up losing a bit of its protagonism to its neighboring district capital: Porto. If you are considering including Braga on your travel itinerary in the North, or even visiting the city on a weekend getaway, we guarantee you will not regret it.

Trip itinerary: 2 days in Lisbon

Lisbon is a place of many charms that could take days, weeks, even months to be fully and thoroughly explored! Still, not everyone has this amount of time to explore the Portuguese capital city. If this is you, don’t worry about it: our itinerary for 2 days in Lisbon will show you that it is possible to discover the most important places in the city, in a short amount of time.