How to Plan a Trip: essential tips for a road trip in Portugal

If you had the option to add an extra dose of tranquillity to your trip, would you leave it out of your suitcase? Of course not. Planning a trip requires patience, but it saves you from potential embarrassments that nobody wants to go through.

Additionally, good planning can save you some extra money, and who doesn't want that? Are you ready to discover everything you can't afford to miss on your travel checklist? Get ready to embark on a unique journey with Enterprise.

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Step by step: how to plan a trip to remember 


Travelling is a great way to explore new cultures and enrich our lives. But to make the most of your trip, good planning is crucial. Creating a personalized checklist for your destination can help ensure that you have everything you need for your vacation. This list should include everything from essential items to other important details.


By preparing in advance, you'll save yourself from unnecessary stress and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Check out our suggestions for what to bring on your next trip here.


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Calculating travelling expenses 

When planning a trip, it's important to start with a budget that includes certain expenses you'll have along the way.

- Your car hire;

- Fuel;

- Accommodation;

- Food;

- Museums and tourist attractions;

- Other activities you may wish to do.

Yes, it is possible to travel low cost in Portugal. Here are three steps to help you budget according to the length of your trip.


To plan a budget-friendly trip, it's important to select a low tourist season. For instance, travelling in February is often cheaper than travelling in August.


Make a list of all the places you wish to visit along with the cost of entry, if any. Many tourist attractions offer special deals during certain times of the year, and purchasing tickets in advance can also save you money.


Create an itinerary of all the places you want to see. This will help you understand the duration of your trips and ensure that you choose the best places to stay overnight, making the most of your time.

Select the itinerary 

Are you planning a trip to Portugal but feeling overwhelmed with all the options? Don't worry, we understand. Portugal offers a unique blend of experiences that can be hard to choose from. First, consider what kind of traveller you are. Do you prefer the countryside or the city? Beach or mountain? Museums or the great outdoors? Once you have an idea of what you want, it's time to get to work.


Research your destination and make a list of cultural events, attractions, the best restaurants, and accommodations. If you're visiting during winter, we can help you with what to do in Portugal. Alternatively, if you're interested in exploring the beautiful beaches of Portugal, we can recommend some great options from north to south.


Wherever you decide to go, Enterprise is there to help you with the best car hire options for your adventure.

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Booking accommodation 

As previously mentioned, once you have decided on your destination and planned your itinerary, it is advisable to start looking for accommodation immediately. In most cases, the earlier you book, the more cost-effective it is to spend the night in a particular location. This is because rates vary depending on the season, and new prices are typically only released up to two months in advance.


Moreover, many online accommodation booking platforms offer loyalty programs with more competitive prices. However, it is also recommended that you contact the accommodation directly to inquire about any special offers they may have available.


Choosing the best car for your adventure

When planning a trip, it's important to consider the type of car that will best suit your needs. Enterprise can assist you in this regard, as they offer a diverse selection of vehicles to accommodate any adventure you have in mind. You can choose your preferred vehicle from their website.

In addition to having stations located throughout the country, Enterprise provides seasonal promotions that offer further discounts on your rental.


Enterprise goes with you everywhere 

Now that you have all the information you need in how to plan a trip, what's stopping you? Come and explore Portugal and create new memories. There is so much to discover in Portugal, and if you need any recommendations, you can always visit Enterprise Passport. We will provide you with the best tips and routes to explore the country.

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