Sustainable mobility: 10 tips

Issues related to global warming and air quality have become increasingly important in society. There is an urgent need to find less polluting sustainable mobility solutions for more eco-friendly travel.  Discover Enterprise's tips for greener travel and start changing tomorrow today. 

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What is sustainable mobility anyway? 

The concept of sustainable mobility is related to the ability to respond to society's need to move freely, without sacrificing human and ecological values, today and in the future.   

Eco-friendly driving reduce: 

  • fuel consumption 

  • the emission of polluting gases and particles resulting from the insufficient combustion of hydrocarbons; 

  • greenhouse gas emissions.  

By adopting greener and more efficient driving habits, you not only get the most out of your vehicle's capacity, but you also optimize consumption and reduce pollution. 


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10 Tips to make car mobility more sustainable 

The electrification of means of transport is one of the best solutions for more sustainable travel. Even so, it is possible to make a difference and reduce your ecological footprint with a gasoline or diesel car. All you need to do is drive in a more eco-friendly way. How? Just follow the tips we have for you:  

  1. Only start the car's engine immediately before setting off; 

  2. Drive at a constant speed, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking; 

  3. Stick to the speed limit and, at the same time, save fuel and contribute to road safety; 

  4. Adapt your speed to the traffic and avoid changing lanes;   

  5. Choose the best route and try to anticipate the flow of traffic;  

  6. Maintain your car and check the oil level regularly; 

  7. Check your tire pressure monthly; 

  8. Avoid carrying luggage on the roof of the car;  

  9. Do not drive with unnecessary loads in the trunk or on the back seats; 

  10. Avoid using the car if the journey is short. Think about saving fuel and your physical well-being.


Practice eco-friendly driving with Enterprise 

Now that you know some tips for more sustainable automobile mobility, there's nothing like starting to plan your road trips in Portugal for the coming months.  Rent a car at Enterprise and set off on your adventure, always in a responsible way.