Visit Douro and discover one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal

To visit the Douro Wine Region is an essential experience for anyone traveling in Portugal. Whether they are Portuguese or come from abroad. This region, declared a UNESCO Heritage Site in December 2001, in the category of cultural landscape, has 250 thousand hectares. It is surrounded by mountains, which give it special mesological and climatic characteristics.

Mulher a passear no douro vinhateiro

The origins of the Alto Douro Wine Region

The Roman peoples were the first to tame the wild lands that surrounded the Douro River and to introduce planting techniques. However, it was only in the second half of the 17th century that Port Wine began to be produced on a large scale and exported, especially to England.

If you are planning to visit Douro Wine Region, know that it has a wide range of cities, towns and wineries that you can include in your itinerary. To help you, Enterprise has gathered the places you really cannot miss, as well as the best restaurants and hotels to complement your trip.

Set out to discover the Douro Wine Region!

The cities and towns to visit in Douro Wine Region

Peso da Régua


The city of Régua is the capital of the Douro Wine Region. It is the city with the most tourist infrastructure, with several restaurants, hotels, farms, viewpoints, and a great starting point for a tour of the Douro region. However, you should also take the time to discover the hidden charms of the city.

Stroll along the Ecopista Ribeirinha and visit the Douro Museum, dedicated to the culture and history of wine in this region. Stroll through the city streets and pay attention to some monuments that deserve your attention, such as the Municipal Library, the Cruzeiro Chapel, the old Town Hall building, and the Igreja Matriz do Peso da Régua. Finally, be sure to visit Cais da Régua and cross the famous pedestrian bridge, one of the most characteristic images of the city.

Suggestion of Hotels in Peso da Régua


€ Residencial Douro

€€ Hotel Régua Douro

€€€ Casa Quinta de Santa Cruz

Restaurant suggestions in Peso da Régua


€ A Tasquinha

€€ Tasca da Quinta

€€€ Castas e Pratos

Peso da Régua

Vila Nova de Foz Côa

One of the municipalities of Douro, marked by the landscape of the Douro River and by the cave paintings that can still be found there today. These paintings can be found in the Côa Valley Archaeological Park,and will give you a glimpse of life in the Paleolithic era.

Visit the Côa Museum and Castelo Melhor, one of the oldest castles in Portugal, based on a pre-Roman fort. Visit the viewpoints in the region and take the opportunity to walk on the Route of the Tunnels, which follows the old Train Line that linked Barca d’Alva to La Fregeneda.


Hotel suggestions in Vila Nova de Foz Côa


€ Casa do Tablado Foz Côa

€€ Quinta do Chão D’Ordem

€€€ Villa Auri Wine Resort


Restaurant suggestions in Vila Nova de Foz Côa


€ Restaurante Dallas

€€ Aldeia Douro Restaurante



A city with millenary, military and religious history, and with a privileged location on the south bank of the Douro River. Lamego has a huge cultural and architectural heritage, which you should know  if you visit the Douro Wine region.


The ex-libris of the city of Lamego is the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, and it is the place that attracts most visitors. However, Lamego has much more to offer.


Stroll through Santo Estevão Park and Avenida Dr. Alfredo Sousa, which is the social, tourist and leisure center of Lamego. Visit the Cathedral of Lamego, the Museum of Lamego, the Porta dos Figos, the Church of Desterro and the Church and Convent of Santa Cruz. If you prefer to travel without plans, you can simply walk through the historic center of Lamego and discover the most hidden and typical corners of the city. Lamego has a lot to offer and is ready for you to discover it!


Hotel suggestions in Lamego


€ Huga Home

€€ Quinta do Atoleiro

€€€ Lamego Hotel & Life


Restaurant suggestions in Lamego


€ Casa Filipe

€€ A Taberna do Porfírio

€€€ Manjar do Douro




The village of Pinhão is the center of oenological activity in the Douro Wine Region. This is where most of the wine-producing estates are found. Here are some you can visit:


- Quinta do Seixo

- Quinta do Bonfim in Pinhão

- Quinta do Portal do Pinhão

- Quinta do Morgadinho da Calçado


Another activity you can do in Pinhão is a scenic walk, to enjoy even more the landscape of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro. We recommend the walk between Provesende-Pinhão, also called the São Cristóvão do Douro Trail. Take the opportunity to visit the historic center of the wine-growing village of Provesende.


You can also take a trip along the Douro river aboard a rabelo boat, taking advantage of the scenic landscapes offered by the slopes of the Douro Wine Region.


Hotel suggestions in Pinhão


€ Casa Dona Eufémia

€€ LBV House Hotel

€€€ Vintage House Douro


Restaurant suggestions in Pinhão


€ Segredos do Douro

€€ Taberna do Rio

€€€ Casa dos Ecos

Barco no Douro

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