Winter destinations in Europe: the top 5

“Travelling in winter?" Enterprise advises you to do so and there are many winter destinations in Europe that are waiting for you! Because while some people eagerly wait for summer to travel, there are always those who see winter as the ideal period to take that long-desired trip. And there are plenty of reasons to justify this choice.

In addition to coinciding with the low season, winter gives Europe a special glow, takes the crowds away from the most emblematic places and you can already count on countless Christmas decorations in the streets. The only drawback will be the warm clothing that will possibly force you not to travel with just a backpack. Get to know our selection of the best winter destinations in Europe.

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Explore Europe's best destinations for winter


Do you want to travel but your wallet can't keep up? Choose to travel in the low season, where the prices of flights and hotels are lower and where you can save a few bucks.

Nevertheless, just like when organising a Low-Cost trip in Portugal, you should plan every moment of your trip well in advance, so that you can avoid other unnecessary expenses. But nothing like first selecting your favourite country among our winter destinations in Europe.


You can't talk about winter destinations in Europe without mentioning Austria. The country stands out for its stunning landscapes and the Alps are ideal for those who enjoy practicing winter sports. 

Besides the snow falling with abundance, which makes this country even more beautiful, also its cities are known to attract many people at Christmas and New Year, due to the stunning street decorations, but also the festivities themselves. Put cities like Vienna, Linz, or Salzburg on your map.


historic view Salzburg with snow


One of our Winter destinations in Europe that is truly unmissable is Germany. This country experiences the main festivities of the season in an intense way, with several Christmas fairs attracting visitors and decorations that enchant the main German cities.

Besides the various mobility options that make it easy to move around the country at very affordable prices, in Germany you will find different types of landscape that, with the snow that falls in winter, become even more beautiful. We suggest you visit Munich, Heidelberg, Hamburg, or Nuremberg.


Ireland has a strangely less cold climate for winter, contrary to what you might initially think. With a temperature almost always hovering around 10 degrees during the day and only at night dropping to sub-zero temperatures, this country is on our list of the best winter destinations in Europe because of the variety of activities that are waiting for you at this time of year, without the usual summer hustle and bustle.

From the beautiful city centres, with their unique architecture, to a passionate coastline and a countryside area that hides Ireland's historical past in every corner, we advise a car rental to make it easier for you to travel between the main tourist destinations and the most well-known cities. Dublin, Galway, or Cork are some of the cities to visit. If you have time, you can also visit Northern Ireland.



Belgium is one of the best winter destinations in Europe or any season, really. The cities are stunning, sculpted with unique architecture and live the Christmas season like no other country. During most of December, and sometimes extending into January, in the main squares you will discover a Christmas fair and decorations that make the historic centres even more beautiful.

Besides, it is a perfect destination for all art lovers, with numerous museums, palaces and exhibitions waiting for your visit. As in the other countries already mentioned, it is essential to prepare your visit some time in advance, to discover the best offers in museums and the best spots to eat. Don't miss Bruges, Ghent, Brussels or Antwerp. 


winter sunset bruges


In the search for the best winter destinations in Europe, Hungary is the ideal choice for those who want to visit a dream country and quite accessible at this time of year. It is a country that combines the best of European culture with a gastronomy also unique, quite more accessible than in other countries in Europe. In addition, the natural thermal pools get much more tempting at this time of year.

In the main month of winter, December, you will also find several Christmas markets springing up in the main cities where you can taste some of the local flavours, but also buy your souvenirs. In our opinion you should visit Budapest, Eger, Esztergom or Pécs.


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The Best Winter Destinations in Europe are with Enterprise

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